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Gnosall Parish Council

(Including the wards of Moreton and Knightley)

Our Mission is to improve the quality of life for those who live and work in the Parish of Gnosall and those who visit it.




Civic Amenity Visits 2020

Refuse Collection Vehicle

This is a facility for parishioners to dispose of their rubbish that will not fit into wheelie bins.  The large bin lorry is at the Grosvenor for 1 hour and it is the responsibility of individuals to bring their rubbish during that hour slot and throw it into the refuse vehicle.  

Forthcoming visits of the large item collection facility to the Grosvenor Centre car park are:

Saturday 8th February 2020 10.15-11.15am

You will be able to take excess waste that your normal fortnightly collection will not take.

Please note that the refuse freighter cannot take; soil, rubble, televisions, fridges, freezers, items over 6ft long or wide, liquids, paint waste and no hazardous materials.

BKV County Winner 2019!!!


Measures taken to publicise participation in BKV included sending a flyer to every household, articles in the parish news and the parish website, the publication of a BKV calendar sponsored by local businesses and liaison with the school. There were a number of good, bespoke BKV banners and a specific notice board for BKV news. There were BKV posters on all notice boards, in the bus shelters, at village entrances and in some shop windows.

There were two excellent displays of children's posters, one at the bottom of the High Street (with well over 100 posters) and the other near the Gnosall Heath shops (over 70). They were well designed and clearly linked to the ethos of became very. Another excellent effort.

All the notice boards were in good condition, notices were displayed neatly and surrounds clean and tidy.

There was a very good spread of local information, including county, district and parish council business, local organisations and groups, local events and activities, contact names and numbers for a variety of matters, dog fouling and recycling awareness, bulky refuse collection, etc. A very comprehensive coverage. “There was lots of information on community initiatives and things going on in Gnosall. There is a very community focused feel to the village” (June judges).

The surrounds to St. Lawrence’s churchyard were well maintained; grass was well mown, paths and edges were tidy and grave areas neatly kept, but no planters or flowers anywhere. The new burial ground looked very good too. The grass was very well mown throughout the judging period, paths were clean, and the graves were very tidy. There were some good benches, some of which were suffering from “bird attack” under the trees! The surrounds and car park of the Methodist Church were very clean and tidy and weed free.

The car park and surrounds of the Memorial Hall were free from litter and weeds. The car park at the Grovesnor Centre, parish office, youth club and library were very tidy and litter free. There were some very attractive and obviously very well-maintained planted areas which provided colour and interest and the whole area looked very well cared for throughout the judging period. The grass areas of the scout and guide centre were well mown and there were some interesting and well cared for features on the edges of the area - kayak planter, bug hotel, insect and bird boxes etc. A great initiative and an indication of how Gnosall brings younger People into its BKV effort. The car park, paving and planted areas of the Health Centre were, once again, Immaculate.

The Horns appeared to be closed in May and June, but July judges said that the car parking outside drinking areas were very tidy and the frontage was enhanced by some attractive hanging baskets. The newly painted George and Dragon frontage was very clean with some nice plants. The Royal Oak looked splendid, with excellent outdoor drinking space, a lovely play area, well mown grass, some lovely planting, very tidy recycling area and an attractive frontage. The Navigation’s grass areas and outside eating/drinking areas and car park were very tidy. The Boat car park, outside beer garden and eating areas were very tidy and the planters and hanging baskets on the frontage “were just outstanding” (July judges) (no wonder it takes 3 days to plant them up!)


The former telephone box now houses an excellent, well stocked book exchange/library. It was very clean inside and the surrounds were enhanced by some attractive planting. This was a very impressive facility which appeared to be well used and very well looked after.

All four bus shelters were in very good condition and their surrounds were tidy and free from weeds and significant litter. They were very clean inside and had been well used to display local information, BKV and children's posters and dog fouling notices.

The many seats and benches were in good condition, some had clearly been repainted/re varnished recently, but a few had suffered from “bird strikes” at times! (Judges appreciated how difficult it is to keep on top of the bird problem and were aware that efforts had been made in Gnosall to deal with it!)

Gnosall has a variety of village features ranging from the attractive village entrance sign on Stafford road to the lockup and the Rainbows gnomes’ planter. There were also a number of well-constructed sleeper planters around the village, with colourful, well maintained planters and the new “help yourself” herb planter on the canal towpath. The village footpath map and village maps also caught the judges’ eyes. The milestone was also noted as a village feature; and judges could understand why the new wildflower meadow (near the health centre) might also be seen as such - it is developing very well and look very attractive in July.

The Acres and Boardwalk looked very good throughout the judging period. These areas have been very well thought out and well managed to provide useful spaces and attractive summer meadow areas (with mown grass paths). There was no litter of any consequences and only one dog mess on the Boardwalk (in May).

The small open spaces at the rear of the Grovesnor Centre and at Manor road and Sellman Street were well mown and litter free. The village green is developing well (occupied by a fair in July!) and the wildflower area looked very good. All other verges were well mown and litter free.

Almost without exception private gardens were maintained to a very good standard throughout the village. Judges praised the frontages of cottages in the central part of the village which had attractive hanging basket displays “a real community effort to keep gardens looking so good” (July judges).

Equipment and safety surfaces in the small children’s play area were good, but there were signs that further work will soon be needed to deal with ‘lifting’ of parts of the safety surface (e.g. beneath the swings) The Chippy Jumps play area was very good all round; equipment was in a good condition, safety surfaces were sound , the grass surrounds well mown and there was no litter. The MUGA and new tennis court areas were clean and litter free at all times.

The maps were very good, with clear bases and good use of colour and symbols to locate BKV features to be judged, which were clearly identified with BKV ‘codes’. Judges spotted one or two small errors in the BKV codes and also felt that the key should refer more specifically to BKV features, rather than the more general grouping which are shown at present. (These are very minor criticisms and easily resolved).

There was virtually no litter seen throughout the village during the judging period. The two minute litter pick and cigarette end posters must have had some effort, but the regular litter pick volunteers probably had a great deal to do with the issue! One dog mess was seen in May, near the boardwalk. There was very clear evidence of significant community awareness of and involvement in BKV again this year. Judges met a number of residents and BKV volunteers during their visits to Gnosall and were told that they were very pleased with the effort which goes into BKV every year and the results which it produces. Gnosall has a well-formed plan for BKV and the volunteers put in a great deal of time and effort to implement that plan. The bunting in the High Street, the BKV calendar, the new herb gardens, the villages response to last year's judges’ comments all illustrated the increasing degree of community efforts seen every year in Gnosall.

“Gnosall is a very well looked after village and a good community spirit shows through” (July judges); “it was a pleasure to judge Gnosall” (May judges); “massive community effort is evident throughout the village” (June judges). These comments show how the judges felt about the village and probably show why Gnosall looked so well cared for throughout the whole BKV judging period. The standards which have been achieved in recent years were certainly matched in 2019. Gnosall thoroughly deserved the Best Large Village award in the Stafford area this year; and also, that for the Best Large Village in the whole of Staffordshire. Congratulations on this year's successes and good look in 2020!


John T Perry MBE

Chairman, BKV Working Group

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Council Support Officer

Stuart Ridgewell was recently appointed as the new Council Support Officer and will commence employment with the Parish Council in February.  Stuart has a wealth of relevant administrative experience that he will bring to this role.  We are sure he will make a positive contribution to the running of the Parish Council.  Stuart will be the main point of contact for Grosvenor Centre booking enquiries.


2020 Projects

The Parish Council hopes to appoint a new Council Support Officer in the New Year who will look after the Grosvenor Centre bookings and carry out some of the administration of council projects.   The Council will focus on making improvements to the surfacing of the play area car park,  will resume planning and designing sensory garden as part of being a Dementia Friendly organisation, will continue to work with architects on making improvements to the Grosvenor Centre and will be replacing some play equipment on Brookhouse Road park.    The Council will support GG’s Youth Club with changes to its youth club service, will support the over 84’s teas and best kept village team projects in 2020.   The Council is also reviewing all its policies in line with Quality Gold criteria to ensure that the Council remains compliant and all councillors will be attending a training session in January.    The budget for 2020/21 will be agreed in January and will include plans for the VE Day 75th Anniversary and a summer fun day.  The budget will have to take into account additional maintenance as well as the loss of some funding for example funding from the County Council for grass cutting which has been reduced by 25%.  The Parish Council will endeavour to apply for grants and funding wherever possible but will have to increase the precept to help meet both the increased and additional costs.  Further information about this will be shared with parishioners in the coming months.

VE Day 75th Anniversary Celebrations

The Council is considering a parish event to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day on Friday 8th May 2020.  More details will be shared in the next few weeks.

Dementia Sensory Garden Project

Over the past 12 months, funds have been being raised for this project.  At the latter end of 2019 £750 was received from Staffordshire County Council’s People Helping People Fund, in January £1000 was received from Veolia Community Fund and a further £1000 from Gnosall United Charities.  The Council is now in a position to make a start on this project.  A designated area at the rear of the Grosvenor Centre for those suffering with dementia will be built.  The project will include the creation of large raised flower beds, wheelchair friendly pathways and seating areas.  The garden will be close to the library and therefore users of the library can also benefit from the garden area.   It is also close to GG’s Youth Club and youth club members have already expressed an interest in helping with this project.    If anyone would like to be involved with this project, please get in touch with the parish office.

Grosvenor Centre

Plans to enhance the centre have been on the council’s agenda for a long time.   Cuts in funding, as well as other influencing factors, meant initial plans had to be reconsidered and consequently the project was scaled down to something more realistic.   The Working Group is now working with an appointed architect and recently had some initial sketch proposals for alterations to the Grosvenor Centre layout (including some of the external areas at the rear of the building) to consider.  The proposals were very much welcomed and further meetings are now planned to determine the costs of the alternations.  Once costs are known the Working Group will focus on sourcing funding.


In the meantime, the Grosvenor Centre will continue to operate as it has been doing for many years and offers a range of excellent facilities to hire for meetings, private functions and community events.  There is an excellent bar provision, free wifi and kitchen areas.   For information on how to book the centre, please contact the parish office on 01785 822685

Over 84’s Afternoon Teas

During 2020 there will be four afternoon teas for the over 84’s who live in the parish of Gnosall.  The dates are:

Saturday 21st March

Saturday 27th June

Saturday 26th September

Saturday 12th December

If you know anyone who is aged 84 or over and does not normally receive an invitation to the teas, please get in touch with the parish office on 01785 822685