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Gnosall Parish Council

(Including the wards of Moreton and Knightley)

Our Mission is to improve the quality of life for those who live and work in the Parish of Gnosall and those who visit it.



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Parish Councils

Parish Councils are the most local level of government in England. They are secular arms of government (not ecclesiastical parishes) and are independent of other levels of local government, such as Borough and County Council, but maintain a close working relationship with both.  

They play a vital role in representing the interests of their communities and improving the quality of life and the local environment. They can also influence other decision makers and can deliver services to meet local needs. Although decision remains with the planning authorities, local councils can influence the decision-making process by making informed comments and recommendations.

What we do

Gnosall Parish Council acts within a framework of legislation conferred by Parliament. The role of any Parish Council may briefly be described as follows: -

Executive - As an executive body, the Parish Council has many statutory functions and, as the elected body of the parish, it has powers of decision.

Representation - The Parish Council often voices the views of its inhabitants on many issues such as representation on planning applications

Consultation - Several bodies including Stafford Borough Council consult with Gnosall Parish Council to gather local opinion and concerns. For example when a Local Plan is being drafted the Parish Council will be asked to consider its impact on the Parish.

Promotional - The Parish Council is often the body required to take a lead on issues or initiatives affecting the interests of its area. This is seen as a natural role, as a local council may be the only body with initial access to information and with the resources and capability to act.

The Parish Council is also the 'first port of call' for many residents enquiring about public services and the Parish Council endeavours to answer these queries as efficiently as possible. As a local government body the Parish Council deals with local issues and concerns through its principal powers and duties.


The parish is divided into areas called Wards. Gnosall has three wards; Gnosall, Knightley and Moreton. Each ward is represented by a number of Parish Councillors in relation to the population in that ward. There are 12 Parish Councillors in Gnosall, three in Moreton and one for Knightley.  

If a resident of Gnosall wishes to bring a matter to the attention of the Parish Council there are several options available to them:

By contacting one of their Ward Parish Councillors who will endeavour to answer any questions the resident may have or alternatively put the query in front of the Parish Council on behalf of the resident.

By contacting the Parish Council's office, via telephone, fax, letter or email.

By putting the question to a Parish Council Meeting, at which an agenda item is set aside as an Open Forum for Members of the Public.

Parish Councillors come from all walks of life and are democratically elected every four years at the Local Government Elections - although from time to time Parish Council seats may need to be filled within the term of office. 

Town and Country Planning

Gnosall Parish Council liaise closely with Stafford Borough Council and Borough Councillors and respond, where necessary, to consultations that contribute to Town and Country planning, in particular, Stafford Borough Council’s Local Plan and its review www.staffordbc.gov.uk/local-plan-review-


A statutory annual meeting is held in May at which the Chairman and Vice Chairman of Council are elected by the Council members at the start of the civic year (which runs from May to April). Gnosall Parish Council has four part-time employees – the Clerk and her Assistant and two cleaners. The decisions of the Parish Council are carried out by the Council's staff, led by the Clerk. The Parish Council operates a committee system which enables members to consider more complex issues in detail at committee level. Each committee has a Chairman nominated and voted for by his/her councillor colleagues. Recommendations from committees are presented to the full Council for approval (or otherwise). Decisions are founded on a majority vote from all councillors present at the meeting at which the decision is made. The council has seven principal committees which meet at regular interval. These are as follows: Planning Open Spaces The Grosvenor Centre Procedures Personnel Communications Finance.


The full Council meets once a month (except for August). Unless noted otherwise in the agenda, all Council meetings are held in the BrearleyRoom at the Grosvenor Centre commencing at 7.30pm and all Committee meetings are held at the Council’s office behind the Grosvenor Centre – also commencing at 7.30pm.

Members of the public are very welcome to attend any of the Parish Council or Committee Meetings. At the start of every meeting there is a public session at which members of the public are permitted to make representations, ask and answer questions and give evidence in respect of any item of business. Subject to any extension granted by the Chair of the meeting, the public period is limited to 15 minutes and each speaker is limited to two minutes.

The Minutes of all Parish Council and Committee Meetings are included in the Meetings section and are also placed on Parish Council notice-boards, with notice of forthcoming meetings. An agenda for each meeting is issued a minimum of three clear working days before the meeting is due to take place.

Your Borough and County Councillors (for Gnosall Parish)

Stafford Borough Councillors

Mr R M Smith ~ 01785 280648

Mr P M Farrington - 01785 824162

Staffordshire County Councillor

Mr M. Winnington ~ 01785 822224

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