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Gnosall Parish Council

(Including the wards of Moreton and Knightley)

Our Mission is to improve the quality of life for those who live and work in the Parish of Gnosall and those who visit it.



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Annual Assembly 2019

Over 50 people attended the parish Council’s 2019 Annual Assembly held on 1st May.  Interesting and informative presentations were received from Gnosall Lions, Gnosall First Responders as well as a chronicle of the Parish Council’s work during the year 2018-19 highlighting the councils achievements.  Borough and County Councillors were present to answer any questions raised by parishioners.

The 2019 Community Awards was the highlight of the evening.  Awards were presented to Joyce Rowe, winner of  the Individual Community award and to Gnosall Scouts the winner of the Group Award which was presented by Mr Robert Watson-Jones in memory of his late father Derek Watson-Jones a former parish councillor.

Other nominees were:  Gnosall Travel Store, Gnosall Phoenix Group, Mavis Hill, Jordan Archer, Dr E Rana, Phil and Pat Lawley, Kenneth Ingram, Tracey Harris, Norman and Sheila Hailes, Ian Rizzotto, Dave Clarke, Lesley Worsley and  Tony Innamorati.

Details of their nominations are below.



1          The Travel Store

Although a relatively new business to Gnosall, this little shop has made a fantastic impact already. It is friendly and accessible both in person and on the net, where weekly offers (even daily offers!) are published and queries are answered promptly and helpfully. The offers themselves are fantastic, whether they be for full-length holidays abroad or for shorter stays and breaks within the UK. Scott James opened the store, part of the Freedom Travel Group in June 2018, after 9 years with a short break specialist company. Lorraine has similar industry experience and they plan to take on another advisor shortly. 

Even if you like the sound of one of their holidays but need details changing, they are as helpful as possible. Nothing is too much trouble. Prices are highly competitive and the range of offers is very wide, catering for all tastes.

The firm already sponsors local events, such as the 10k, so is clearly part of village life. I feel that it has added considerably to the opportunities within the village, it already has an excellent reputation and has won industry prizes in its first year, while being in the running for more, and it is keen to become a supporter of all aspects of life in Gnosall. It is a great asset to the village.

2          Gnosall Scout Group  

This organisation has existed and thrived for 60 years and that’s amazing in itself. During that time, operating out of the Scout Hut behind the Memorial Hall, they have had a positive influence upon the lives of hundreds of Gnosall youngsters – not just boys either.

The Scouting Movement is a movement with a strong focus on the outdoors and survival skills that aims to support young people in their physical, mental, and spiritual development so that they may play constructive roles in society. At a time when youngsters are often the subject of criticism for things they have not done that they ought to have done – or for things they have done that they shouldn’t  have, this movement has been there to show young people another way.

As well as taking part in and enjoying exciting activities from kayaking to coding, scouts develop character skills like resilience, initiative and tenacity; employability skills such as leadership, teamwork and problem solving; and practical skills like cooking and first aid. In short, they learn to be positive and practical citizens. This is all thanks to the dedication of the many Scout Leaders who have given generously of their time over the years.

3          The Phoenix federation           

The Gnosall branch of the Phoenix Federation has almost 200members, most of whom live within the parish. Its membership is restricted to over 50s but is otherwise open to all. It holds meetings on most Fridays through the year and the attendance rarely falls below 50. In addition there are smaller groups covering interests such as walking, table tennis, tai chi, skittles, book reading and board games. The club also organises:

  • Visits to places of interest
  • Meals
  • An annual 5-day break with a focus on walking
  • An annual quiz for all the groups within the Phoenix Federation

Many new members are recently retired, newcomers to the village or bereaved and the club supports them through potentially vulnerable periods of their lives. It also take steps to ensure that those in declining health can maintain contact and continue to take part in its activities.

The group is a significant part of the life of the village and an award from the parish council would be good recognition of this.


1          Mavis Hill

For her dedication and commitment to both the Grosvenor Centre, which she has looked after for coming up to 15 years. And also the Memorial Village Hall. Hirers of the Grosvenor comment on how well it is kept and looked after; she meets and greets hirers and does so much more than her role requires. She has also been a member of the Memorial Village Hall committee for many years and was instrumental in keeping the Friday night bingo group going. She manages the table top sales trying to raise much-needed funds for the Hall. She does a fabulous job in all her roles all for the benefit of the community.

2          Ian Rizzotto

I am out and about a lot around the village, early in the morning --running.    Unfortunately there is often a lot of litter, take away cartons drinks bottles etc...on the car parks and play parks, especially at the weekend.   Mr Rizzotto cleans it all up....without fail every day/ week...making the parks usable, sometimes removing broken glass etc.

I feel that this unnoticed   (because we are all in bed still) act of kindness, serving others without the expectancy of thanks, should be recognised.

3          Tracey Harris

She runs the baby and toddler group at the Methodist Church every Thursday, even during school holidays and only having 2 weeks off at Christmas. She doesn’t have any children there and does it on a voluntary basis. I have just moved back to the village and have been helping her out, I am so proud of her giving up her time not only setting up and running the group but going the extra mile organising events, Christmas parties with Santa etc. She also helps out GG’s youth club with Jordan when they are short-staffed. Very proud mum.

4          Norman & Sheila Hailes

Norman and Sheila do so much. They help organise the Carnival Committee, take part in Tea and Toast every week, help with messy church. They run the over 80’s Lunch Club and have also helped with the Afternoon Tea for the over 80s. They provide Christmas Dinners for people and run a group in Impstones on a Friday. And this is just a snapshot of what they are involved in,

6          Dr Rana

Nothing is too much trouble for Dr Rana. He very rarely says no either to the dental centre team or to his patients.

He values his staff and makes sure he thanks each and every one of us for our day’s work.

He is committed to developing his nurses and admin staff qualifications – personally, he has always told me that if I find a course I would like to do, to let him know and he will book it. I recently qualified as an Oral Health Educator thanks to Dr Rana and this counts as an A level if I choose to pursue a career in Dental Hygiene and Therapy.

He will see any number of emergency patients as he would never want to be turned away himself.

He never likes to keep his patients waiting and treats them quickly and efficiently.

He has struggled for 2 years with volume of work (dentists are very hard to find at the moment) but does not complain and continues every day with a smile on his face. We all keep him positive!

7          Jordan Archer

I would like to nominate Jordan Archer for an award. My daughter attends his Thursday night Youth Club and the difference it has made to her has been fantastic, especially through the winter months. She has that opportunity to meet up with her friends in a safe and monitored environment, outside school hours, having a fun and sociable time.

As a family we really appreciate the time, effort and initiative that Jordan puts into this group. Adding to the wonderfully positive comments I hear about him in and around the village, I think we are very lucky to have someone like this as part of our community.

8          Joyce Rowe

I would  like to nominate Joyce Rowe, editor of the Gnosall Parish News, for this year’s awards. Joyce has been editing the magazine for a great many years (I can’t be more precise without asking her) This voluntary job is a very time-consuming commitment which she carries out quietly and conscientiously without any self-promotion.  Week in, week out, she collates all the editorial content, ensuring regular articles are in on time, communicating with contributors, answering readers’ enquiries, politely handling any complaints and maintaining the essential “What’s On” diary. She tries to ensure that the magazine – which reaches nearly 1000 homes – covers all aspects of life in the village.  I am very conscious that all the GPN volunteers play an important role (for example Trevor Ashton who makes up the pages, Bob Colman who manages distribution and Pat Tweed, chair and treasurer and distributors)

9          Lesley Worsley

Lesley has been a cub and scout leader for almost 30 years. She helps organise camps and attends them to enable the young people of Gnosall to have an opportunity to take part in experiences they wouldn’t have the opportunity to do otherwise. Nothing is too much trouble – she is always there to lend a extra hand if needed.

She also helps organise the village Bonfire that is always so successful, even though the help for this has sadly dropped off so she had to do more and unfortunately can no longer continue. She is totally unassuming and unaware of the impact she has on young people around her. This is also demonstrated in her work as a Teaching Assistant at the school.

10         Phil & Pat Lawley        

Pat & Phil Lawley have always been very involved with the village & helped anyone in need or poorly making sure everyone is well & providing transport to shops, appointments, hospital visiting etc. No one deserves recognition more than Pat & Phil. They hold Moreton, Outwoods & Bromstead together.

In April 2004 Phil & Pat Lawley started the Thursday lunch club for residents over 55. It was a great success & now 15 years later is still going strong with a regular membership of about 25 ladies & gentlemen who live in the area & beyond. Phil collects a number of members in his car in order to make sure it is available to all - a very welcome service to anyone housebound. The group meets on the third Thursday of every month in the Social Club at Moreton Millennium hall. Through the Winter months we have home made soup, a variety of sandwiches followed by a pudding or cake.( In the warmer weather we do not have soup) All are welcome. There is the opportunity to catch up with local news etc. There is a modest fee of £3 per person. In December we go to the Bradford Arms for the subsidised Christmas meal. During the year once or twice we are treated to Fish & Chips which is always a popular event. The monthly gathering is a good opportunity for villagers to 'keep an eye' on each other & offer support to anyone with problems or difficulties. There is always a report from the neighbourhood watch on anything to be aware of. 

Pat & Phil keep in constant touch with everyone & are always there for anyone who is struggling in any way or has a problem. They are the first people we all turn to. Nothing is ever too much trouble for them. If they cannot help or answer a query they will always find someone who can. They are the first to help at any event. Phil is a frequent volunteer behind the bar in the Social club. Pat is treasurer for the hall Social club & a prominent member of the Women's Institute. They are a very popular couple & we would be lost without them. 

11         Tony Innamorati

Tony moved from Birmingham to Gnosall in 1988 where he worked as an Engineering Manager with an automotive accessories group. In 1996 he moved to his present home in Moreton with his wife Patricia and they have three sons and numerous grandchildren.

Over the years he has had and still has interests in the Youth Services and has helped at GG’s. He has served as a parish councillor in both Moreton and Gnosall in the past.

He successfully obtained funding for the Moreton and Outwoods Defibrillators and initiated the formation of the Gnosall and District First Responder Group, himself training as  First Responder. He was a director of Rural Link, bringing Public Transport to the rural communities until the funding was withdrawn. He is now involved with the Voluntary Car Scheme.

Tony is actively involved with the Moreton, Outwoods and Bromstead Millennium Community Centre and has been referred to as the “Number One man”. He works as a volunteer Front of House manager at Stafford Gatehouse Theatre and his interests are traditional Folk Music and visiting folk festivals around the country.

12         Kenneth Ingram

During his 37 years with Gnosall Players, Kenneth worked tirelessly to keep community drama alive and onstage in Gnosall. Not only has this enabled residents and visitors to watch the shows but has offered opportunities for companionship, interest and fun to its members. Some of those members have gone on to pursue drama on bigger stages and have thanked Kenneth for his help and guidance.

The roles he has played are many. As an actor, he made a pipe-smoking vicar his speciality. As Director he won the Best Director in North Staffordshire award from the National Operatic and Drama Association. He has also been Producer, Publicity Manager, Front of House Manager (always in dinner suit and dickie bow) props maker, Ticket printer, programme creator and for the last 8 years he’s been Chairman.  However, his longest running role is that of treasurer – 37years – which included safeguarding the funds even when the group was dormant for some years. By so doing he assisted the group in getting restarted. He retired from the Gnosall Players in 2019. Thank you Kenneth for your contribution to Gnosall.

13         Dave Clarke

I wish to nominate Mr Dave Clarke for the award. He has tirelessly for the past 12 years to my knowledge, has ran the BKV team and we have under his guidance won the competition at least I believe four times. He also has set up the Telephone box library, produced excellent Calendars with sale proceeds going to various worthy causes in the Gnosall Parish area, for a good number of years using solely local photographs taken by local photography enthusiasts. I do believe that he is an outstanding worthy recipient of this awar